Tauern Relax Lodges

Accommodation with spa indulgence

All guests of Tauern Relax Lodges enjoy an own private sauna. Only very few apartments in Kaprun have their own sauna. Who doesn´t want to spend the holiday in a hotel with a common wellness area has the right choice with us. Due to that we are the perfect destination for a wellness vacation in Kaprun. In general we are more then happy to inform our guest of wellness possibilities in Kaprun. Who does not want to wait that long is reserving the apartment with sauna here for best prices

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Private sauna included in the apartment

Using the sauna is free of charge for every guest. That means wellness included every day. So no one needs to leave the house anymore, to spend a relaxing evening after the ski day!

The sauna at Tauern Relax Lodges

The Garden Lodge and the Penthouse Lodge have their own Sauna. It is switched on directly at the door. After 20 minutes it should be at the right temperature. Beside the colorful light, the cabin gets heated up to 50°. In total we have spots for up to 3 people, which is the size for all families and couples.

Wellness in Kaprun

There are plenty of wellness possibilities so spend a relaxing day in Kaprun. Especially if the weather isn´t that good, the Tauernspa offers everything to unwind your soul in the right way. Beside the sauna area, it offers also a wide rand of beauty and wellness treatments

Who likes it more private, could book a Day Spa in the plenty of hotels in Kaprun.  The entrance should be slightly cheaper there. Beside the difference in price, there should be none in the quality of your wellness experience.

Warmth: up to 50°
Ready to start: ca. 20 minutes
Space: up to 3 people
Other: color light

Frequently asked questions for the apartment with private sauna

Yes, you can switch on the sauna yourself. In case of questions we are more than happy to help.

Yes, the sauna is good for metabolism and helps your muscles to regenerate. Basic rule: Quantity and intensity is up to every bodies own condition.

Yes, for example the Tauernspa. You will find a huge sauna area and the Kidstein Spa for all youngsters.