High mountain reservoir hiking in Kaprun

The best hiking tours near the storage lakes Kaprun

For those guests who prefer hikes in alpine terrain with medium difficulty, we have put together a reservoir hiking selection here. You can also check out information about hikes that are suitable for families with children. On this page our guests will find the three most beautiful hiking tours, with start or end points at the Kaprun reservoirs. The high alpine tours are easily accessible via local transportation but require mountain experience or even professional accompaniment.

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From the Kitzsteinhorn to the reservoirs

The Hochkammerweg is one of the most beautiful high alpine tours, which can be done without special equipment. The Kammerscharte separates the glacier plateau of the Kitzsteinhorn from the rear Kaprun valley. The hiking tour begins with the ascent to the Alpine Center and therefore, the route starts at 2450m. The number of meters in altitude, which is overcome on this high alpine hike is manageable making the tour very popular with less experienced mountaineers. Apart from hiking boots and poles, no other equipment is needed on this trail, but a change of clothes and weatherproof jackets go without saying. Tip: Be sure to check the current weather at the Kitzsteinhorn Information Centre or Alpincentre before you start reservoir hiking.

Route description for the Hochkammerweg

Start at the Kitzsteinhorn parking lot and walk up to the Alpine Center, located downhill in the direction of Gletschersee/Sonnenkar and south up to the Kammerscharte.  After crossing gently downhill, there will be some narrow trail passages, but they are equipped with ropes. Walk downhill, in the direction of Fürthermoar Alm and the bus back to Kesselfall is a short walk back to the parking lot.

Hiking trail: No. 726
Duration: 4:00 hours
Level of difficulty: advanced, high alpine tour

Austriaweg Kapruner Törl

From the Mosserboden to the Rudolfshütte

The Austriaweg Kapruner Törl leads from the Mooserboden to the Rudolfshütte. It passes two reservoirs and crosses numerous glacier streams.  In the process, hikers can observe imposing glacier breaks and landslide blocks. The trail does not require any climbing passages. The technical difficulty of the tour is not too high but the distance is 12.5km. An early start, as well as extensive route and weather planning, is mandatory. Tip: You can spend the night at the Rudolfshütte. This hike is part of the 7-day Glockner hike, which goes around the highest mountain in Austria. Find more information at www.alpenverein.at.

Route description Kapruner Törl

Ascend from Kesselfallhaus to Mooserboden by crossing the dam walls located laterally along the reservoir to the far end. The ascent is up a serpentine (curved paths) that snakes up over the moraine of Karlinger Kees and you will arrival at Kapruner Törl. From here, descend to Riffl Kees by crossing Tauernmoosback and there is a short ascent over stone steps to Rudolfshütte. You can descend by taking the Weißsee Gletscherbahn or alternatively descend over Grünsee to Enzingerboden.

Hiking trail: No. 716
Duration: 7:00 hours
Level of difficulty: advanced, long way

Großes Wiesbachhorn

Via Heinrich-Schwaiger House

The Great Wiesbachhorn is the third highest peak in the Glockner group. It is recommended to stay overnight at the Heinrich-Schwaiger Haus. Alternatively, there is a hiking bus that will bring you up to the Kesselfallhaus and you can start from there. This will facilitate an earlier departure, as the reservoirs Kaprun have official opening hours. The mountain tour requires special knowledge and professional equipment so you should hire a local mountain guide if you are not familiar with the area. Check www.zellamsee-kaprun.com for a selection of mountain guides.

Route description for Großes Wiesbachhorn

Ascend from Kesselfallhaus to Mooserboden by crossing the dam walls. Veer left via trail 718 and continue up climb up steep serpentines to Heinrich-Schwaiger Haus. Continue to Unterer Fochezkopf via Fochezkees, and afterwards continue up to Oberer Fochezkopf via Kaindlgrat to Wielingerscharte. Continue along the summit’s ridge to reach Großes Wiesbachhorn.

Hiking trail: No. 716
Duration: 8:00 hours total (2 days with overnight stay)
Level of difficulty: expert, mountain guide recommended