Visiting the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun

Spectacular sights

The high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun were created during the Second World War and are still considered to be a technical masterpiece of the post-war period. The interplay of nature and technology continues to impress thousands of guests from all corners of the globe. In addition to the imposing walls, you can enjoy a unique view of the Glockner mountains.

While the Mooser and Drossensperre dams hold back the mighty Mooserboden the Drossensperre and the Wasserfallboden reservoirs can be found further down the valley. In between the two Kaprun reservoirs one can avail of the numerous activities on offer and mountain huts specilaising in physical well being. You can find an overview here:

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Guided Tours & Exhibition

Dam Wall Tour

When visiting the Kaprun reservoirs, an absolute must is doing a tour of the dam. The dam walls contain many passages and cavities, and on the tour you will get the opportunity to learn all about the majestic structures from inside the dam. The tour guides will inform you about the construction and operation of the power plants and there are daily tours between 10 am and 3 pm, occurring every 45 minutes.

Meeting point: Mooserboden kiosk

Costs: Adults 6 euros, Children 3.50 euros

Tip: In July and August, there is a special guided tour for children every Tuesday at 1:15 p.m.

The World of Electricity

Between the Mooser and Drossensperre dams, visitors will find the electricity world. Here you will learn all about the history of the eternal ice, how electricity is generated from its meltwater,  interesting data and facts about the technology, the myth of Kaprun and the conditions that the workers worked in during the time that these giants were created.

Location: Between the Mooser and Drossen Dams

Cost: Free of charge

Tip: The hilltop castle is located above the museum and it has a fantastic view


In summer, there are numerous recurring and weekly events:

  • The Night of the water in the Sigmund-Thun gorge
  • The children’s program with the national park ranger
  • The llama walk over the dams
  • The Flying Fox zip line from the Höhenburg to the Moosersperre

There are also some exciting events throughout the year:

  • The line dance festival with line dance on the wall.
  • The mystical summer solstice with nightly tours
  • The Großglockner Ultratrail with route guidance over the dams
  • The Children’s Association Festival with numerous activities for young and old

More information and details about the events can be found at

Climbing & Hiking

In addition to the three climbing routes, Mooser-Mandl, Drossen-Hex and Limberg-Zwerg and all have different degrees of difficulty, the Höhenburg sports climbing garden awaits mountaineers of all ages. While the first three via ferratas end on the Höhenburg, there is also the world’s highest dam via ferrata. For more information, please visit

We have provided additional information on the numerous hikes around the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun here.

Restaurants & Huts

Restaurant Mooserboden

The family-run mountain restaurant Mooserdboden is located right on Mooserboden. On the sun terrace, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lakes. With typical home cooking from regional products, everyone will find something to eat that they will love.

Fürthermoar Alm

A must for every Alm (mountain hut) lover. The Fürthermoar Alm can be reached in 45 minutes along the herb trail. There is a petting zoo and play equipment for children. The alpine experience is rounded off with a hearty snack of cheese and bacon from the Alm´s own produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reservoirs are usually open from mid-June to October 26th but this is always weather dependent. Please check their websites or give them a phone call before visiting, particularly after a snowfall.

Yes, the reservoirs are worth a trip even in bad weather. The electricity experience between Mooserboden and Drossensperre is indoors.

The last ascent is at 15:30. Since the last descent takes place at 16:45 from Mooserboden, it makes sense to start earlier. The ascent takes about 30 minutes.

Yes, the reservoirs can be visited very easily with a wheelchair or with a stroller. The reservoirs have an inclined elevator, toilets, buses and even the dam itself are designed with accessibility in mind.

Data & Facts

Mooserboden reservoir & its dams

The upper reservoir is called Mooserboden and has a total surface of 1.6 km2 and a volume of 84.9 million m3. The height of the Moosersperre gravity dam is 107 meters and its length measures 494 meters. The Drossensperre is a vault dam with a height of 112 meters and a length of 357 meters.

Waterfallboden reservoir & its walls

The lower reservoir is called the Wasserfallboden and has a total surface area of 1.5km2 and a volume of 81.2 million m3. The Limbergsperre vault dam is 120 meters high and 357 meters long.